Nutec Wendy Houses

Nutec has become the modern way to build Wendy houses. It is perfectly suited to finishing Wendy houses in the South African climate.

Nutec is a man-made board made from portland cement and fibers. They bond together to make a strong, durable product ideally suited for cladding the outside of Wendy houses.

The properties that make it an ideal material for outdoor applications are:

All this makes it particularly suited to Cape Town's maritime environment, which can be very harsh on traditional wooden buildings.

Nutec is only half the story though- its only the cladding on the outside. Our Wendy houses are built on sound floors, on which is built a sturdy timber frame, using wood treated to SABS standards.

Our structures are solid, sound, and weather tight- perfect for any application.

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We do interiors too

Wendy houses make a great way to cost-effectively create a home office, business premise, and even fully finished homes to live in.

That is why we offer a full service, not only do we build the outside structure, we can finish the inside to a high standard too.

Kitchens, bathrooms, decor, we have the artisans to provide the building that fulfills your needs.

Plumbing and electrical work is done to meet all SABS and COCT building codes.